2023 Burton Art Show Winners

Best of Show: Paul Little, Bubble Harvesters

     1st Prize: Kathy O’Saben, A Creative Soul
     2nd Prize: Christopher Ryan, Abandoned Factory
     Honorable Mentions: 
     Dustin Kaiser, Submission 
     Tricia Kaman, Sing a New Song
     Hap Howle, Home on the Range        

    1st Prize: H. Elizabeth Witt, “New York Minute” 3
    2nd Prize: Ben Fisco, Newbury 22 Sunset

3D Art
    1st Prize: John M. Lillich, Where’s Your Brother?
    2nd Prize: Annette Cappelli, Africa Calls
    Honorable Mention: Norm Johnson, Elephant

Popular Choice
     Dustin Kaiser, Submission